Saturday: 16 / 12 / 2017

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  • Rhetoric: About man’s argumental being (OCW University of Chile)
    Rhetoric undoubtedly plays a decisive role in human existente. In some ways, it could be said that mankind is essentially rhetorical. If we just consider that emphasis is a rhetorical figure, which manifests itself in the volume, rhythm or tone of voice with which we express ourselves, we realise that its use becomes necessary all the time. Furthermore, given the direct relationship between rhetoric and persuasion, of course it can be used incorrectly, and this happens when it becomes separated from a connection or dependence on ethical matters. This helps us to understand why in Plato there is such a dramatic condemnation of rhetoric. However, Aristotle embraces it as deserved, heeding it massive presence in society and the configuration of political life. Further information under the PROGRAMME tool on this CFG.

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