Tuesday: 23 / 01 / 2018

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  • Business Organisation and Administration (OCW University of Huelva)
    The management role. Components of the management role. Administration as a process: planning, organisation, integration of human resources and control. Business culture and excellence…

  • Information Technology Administration (University of Monterrey OpenCourseWare)
    This course is intended to support students by addressing the impact of information systems in business, based on the fundamental theoretical concepts of this topic; and to provide guidelines and steps applicable to managing these technologies in order for them to provide a competitive advantage…

  • Information unit organisation and administration (OCW Carlos III University)
    This course concentrates on the basic functions and skills relating to the “management function”, both of an instrumental nature and management or inter-personal ones. The latter include those directly affecting colleagues: teamwork, training, reporting, communication, motivation, etc. The course covers the main tasks, problems, needs and demands which those in a position of responsibility for others frequently have to face, independently of their category or place in business hierarchy. Furthermore, the course includes some of the main trends in management issues which are currently found in a number of libraries and other information centres.

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