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  • Alternatives to Animal Testing (2009) (OCW University of Murcia)

  • Alternatives to Animal Testing (OCW University of Murcia)
    For many years, the use of animals in scientific experiments has been subject to great controversy, both from an ethical and a scientific point of view. Evan so, it is still the main basis for a large number of research topics in biomedical sciences, which makes it an indispensable process. For this reason…

  • Animal Physiology (OCW University of Murcia)
    Under the current Study Plan for the Degree Course in Veterinary Science, the topic “Animal Physiology” is defined as the “Function of organs and systems and the full organism: the study of vegetative functions, reproduction and regulating and integrating mechanisms in domestic animals. Application of Physiology to animal medicine and production”.

  • Animal Welfare (OCW Technical University of Madrid)
    The purpose of the European Community Common Agricultural Policy is to abandon subsidies and agricultural grants at several levels in order to try to dissuade the “grant seekers”. In exchange, governmental institutions are supporting financial aid based on ecological and quality concepts, including animal welfare. Proof of this is the growing interest in research into animal welfare (5 of the 8 agricultural research projects under the VI framework project dealt with animal welfare issues) and the significance of journals relating to the topic (e.g. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, impact factor in 2004, 1401). There is a considerable confusion regarding the concept of animal welfare in politics and education, and even in scientific areas. On this course, we offer an introduction to the scientific assessment of animal welfare, including a review of the physiology of stress, an introduction to applied ethology and practical exercises on farms. The course will cover the different disciplines of this subject, from animal physiology to animal behaviour, among others.

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